The Radar Room


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This little post-war school-boys radio set was found amongst a large collection of old valves and radio parts bought as a ‘garage lot’ a few years back. Clearly made just after the war in a home-made case, the set is very small by all accounts, yet includes all the power supply components, a tiny loudspeaker, plus all the circuitry incorporating two ex. radar EF50 valves! Quite an achievement to shoe-horn this into such a tiny case. Needless to say, the thing simply had to be seen working if at all possible - with no circuit or other details of course. In the end this was surprisingly easy to accomplish, though the ‘repair’ involved removing the rather hazardous 1940s  ‘live chassis’ approach to its connection to the mains. This little set now works so well that it has been included with the standard Radar Room setup, usually relaying a broadcast of 1940s programmes and music.

Home made school-boys radio Home made radio close-up

Two views of the Radar Room ‘school-boys’ home-made radio set

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