The Radar Room

Monitor type 28   - AP2563U / 10T500

The official Air Ministry manual description:

Handley Page Halifax bomber fitted with H2S Radar

Hadley Page Halifax with H2S Radar

(Note the ‘blister’ visible under the rear of the fuselage)

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‘The monitor type 28 is a test equipment designed to assist in the servicing of airbourne Radar installations employing a 20uS prepulse as the basic driving waveform.’

In reality, the device is very similar to a cathode ray tube oscilloscope, but with settings and specific testing facilities to be useful in the servicing of the Bomber Command H2S radar sets.

Monitor 28 finished

Monitor 28 after rebuild

Monitor 28 used to examine a part of a waveform

Examining a specific pulse waveform

Monitor 28 used to examine a part of a waveform

Testing our new IFF demonstrator

The Monitor 28 in our collection was received in a pretty poor and incomplete state as can be seen below. For once it ws nice to find that the tube was intact and worked well. The equipment was probably the easiest to rebuild in our collection as everything was similar to that found in an ordinary 1940s oscilloscope with a few small differences and tweaks. As with all the Radar Room exhibits, we expect to show it working, so it was immediately pressed into service to help explain how a typical IFF (identification - friend or foe) setup works.

As received

As received

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Rebuild started
Rebuild started 2

Rebuild underway

First tests

Testing the rebuilt Monitor 28