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The Wurzburg radar system was the primary ground-based gun-laying radar for the Wehrmachts Luftwaffe and Heer during WorldWar 2.

Wurzburg portable radar

Portable Wurzburg Radar

Large Wurzburg FuMo radar

Wurzburg FuMo Radar

A screen compared to J screen

An interesting feature of these particular radar systems was the use of what was known as the ‘J’ screen image. Something quite unlike the Chain Home with its ‘A’ screen, or the ‘L’ screen of the AI and ASV radar systems. The diagram to the left shows the principle differences between an ‘A’ screen (with vertical contact pulses) and the ‘J’ screen with its circular display. See the diagram to the left.

Wurzburg tube
Standard Wurzburg console

Wurzburg display tube

(above and left)

The Wurzburg console consisted of three separate display tubes, a large one and two smaller tubes flanking it. The one mounted above and to the right gave the azimuth reading, whereas the one to the left and angled away from the other two was for measuring the elevation.

In the image to the left, we can see a typical Wurzburg display console. Note that the elevation display is angled away from the other two and marked with an ‘A’.

The image to the right is taken of a portable Wurzburg control panel with the elevation screen now clearly visible.

Wurzburg portable control panel

The Radar Room has made an attempt to create a display item to replicate the look of a working Wurzburg console for our radar collection. This turned out to be quite a difficult task, so we ended up using just two display tubes (The main circular ‘J’ scope and the smaller Azimuth) as opposed to three as found in the original.


(Above) Ten 1950’s valves, two CRTs and a boxful of modern

componets and we now have a look that’s similar to the original.

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